Safety Alert- Frisbee Amusement ride WHS Queensland

A safety alert on the FRISBEE Amusement ride has been released by Workplace Health & Safety Queensland following the recent incident at Toowoomba. Published 29 May 2013

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Safety Alert- Amusement Devices GAPS

Gaps between cars on some undulator type amusement rides  Workcover NSW Alert published 18 October 2013

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Safety Alert- Whizzer, Cha Cha and Sizzler Type amusement rides

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New Australian Standard Contained Play AS3533.4.2

New Australian Standard for Contained Play AS3533.4.2 published 19 April 2013

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Industry Alert - Inflatable Amusement Devices Victoria

Industry Alert - (Design and item of plant) requirements have not changed for inflatable amusement structures in the state of Victoria.

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Industry Alert - Inflatable Amusement Devices -NSW, QLD and SA

Industry Alert- Inflatable Amusement Devices- NSW, QLD and SA

A ‘Class Exemption’ has been granted for states Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria for certain inflatable amusement devices from being item or design registered, and also from annual inspection by an engineer.

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Safety Alert- Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Managing drowning risks at publicly accessible pools Following an investigation into the death of a child in 2007 at a public swimming pool where a large Inflatable Pool Device was installed, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) has been undertaking a number of initiatives to improve public swimming pool safety.  

Inflatable water balls The purpose of this alert is to inform owners and operators of inflatable water balls of the possible risks with their use. This alert also provides some information on risk control measures.

Whizzer, Cha Cha and Sizzler-type amusement rides

This safety alert is to inform amusement ride operators of hazards associated with the operation of Whizzer-type amusement rides.  Control measures to minimise risk.

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AALARA Education and Training Seminars

Education and Training Seminars

AALARA 2012 Education and Training Program

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INDUSTRY ALERT 7 December 2012- Inflatable Amusement Devices- Class Exemption granted under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 Queensland Government

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